EXCERPT – Coaching for Third Age Renewal and Response-Ability License Agreement

(with plain English explanation)

Authorized Uses

Licensee may make all use of the Licensed Materials as is consistent with the Fair Use Provisions of United States and international law. Nothing in this Agreement is intended to limit in any way whatsoever Licensee's rights under the Fair Use provisions of United States or international law to use the Licensed Materials.

  • The Licensed Materials may be used for purposes of providing coaching services to individuals or nonprofit organizations, or making a speech, presentation or otherwise marketing the Licensee's services to prospective clients.

Translation: Please use our Guide and the online materials to coach individuals as well as employees within a nonprofit organization. We also hope you will find them useful in marketing yourself and your services in making speeches, presentations, etc.


  • The Licensed Materials may be used for purposes of providing coaching services to no more than 5 individuals total within any one "for profit" organization. Delivery of coaching services to more than five individuals within any one for profit organization requires the prior written authorization of the Licensor.

Translation: We hope you will have the opportunity to use our materials in support of your coaching work within for-profit organizations. Should you have the opportunity to work with more than five clients within a for-profit business, we ask that you let us know. For example, should you have the opportunity to deliver this program to a large for-profit audience within an organization (for example, in instances of a large corporate downsizing), we would want to be consulted in this regard. However, please note that our desire is always to work out an arrangement that is a win-win for all of us in developing our businesses. We want you to be successful in using our materials.


  • Licensee may copy or include in their own materials up to 10% of the Licensed Materials for use with any one individual client or nonprofit organization, or in any single workshop, provided required attribution, including trademark and copyright information, is included on such copies or text.

Translation: When working with individual clients, or putting on a workshop, running a small group, or providing services to a nonprofit organization, please feel free to copy and use up to 10% of our Licensed materials (i.e., the Guide and online program materials). We appreciate if you would include proper attribution with our name and copyright information. Of course, you may also purchase a Guide to use with these audiences. We ask that you don't make copies to use when working within a for-profit business, as we feel they would be in a position to purchase our Guide.


  • Any copying of the Licensed Materials beyond 10%, or use with "for profit organizations" as outlined above, requires the prior written authorization of Licensor.

Translation: We are always eager to work with you so that you may use our materials in support of your business success, and we'd like to do that in a way that also supports our business success. So, if you would like to copy more than 10% of the materials, give us a call and we'll work it out. And if you would like to use the materials to coach more than five individuals in a for-profit organization, again, give us a call and we'll work it out.


  • In no circumstances shall Licensee be authorized to make copies of the Licensed Materials, or include Licensed Materials in their own products, to be offered for sale or mass distribution.

Translation: If you wish to refer to our concepts in any products that you design, we'd appreciate the opportunity to see what you are doing and ask you to include proper attribution and copyright information. However, please don't include copies of our work (the Licensed Materials) in anything you plan to develop for sale, and please don't copy our materials and offer them for sale or mass distribution.